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Alright guys so I have been thinking which is usually isn’t a good thing.

Sjips head canon:

So we all know the head canon of Sjin being some sort of alien or elf right? He is definitely not a human. We also know that Sips is definitely human (unless you believe he is a vampire then I suggest scrolling past thing).

What if Sjin’s species/race (wood elf or alien) have exceptionally long life spans and can live quiet some time; I can imagine (coming from the wood elf head canon) that they can even outlive trees. Now trees can sometimes live up to +200 years if you let them grow so saying that, Sjin’s race can easily outlive trees if given time to live that long without dying at early age.

Saying that now, Sjin looks to be in his early 30’s so he has been living for more over 100 years while Sips looks to be about mid 30’s (give or take due to his warn looks) but being a lumberjack for most of his life probably adds a few years as well since he has stayed fit for that period of time.

Now I’m getting confusing so lets go to my main point here..

So what I am getting at here is that Sjin is/will see Sips slowly die I front of his eyes. He will outlive him and everyday Sips noticeably gets older, saying his back hurts or his legs don’t run as fast as they use too and soon enough Sjin will watch him get too old to work in the factory.

Sjin will look the same as Sips first saw him but Sips himself will be around 80 (as said before, give and take from the points of 1.his fit lumberjack life 2.his worn out looks and 3.his vitamin disease thing) before he passes away.

Imagine this.

Sjin will be working on the factory, not looking a day over 30. He is building away at new buildings and keeping the factory running by himself. He basically inherited the company as vice CEO.
Periodically, Sjin flies over to a small lumber house off the corner of the compound (away from the machinery) to check up on ol’ Sipsy, bed risen since his weak figure is too fragile to make Sjin comfortable of him flying around the compound. Grey hair, wrinkles, even paler skin than before and just a barely audible voice (from his years of yelling at Sjin).

I can imagine the conversation between them.

“Hey, boss? You awake in here? I brought you some bread, thought you might be hungry.”

Eh? Oh..thanks but I’m not hungry.

“Come on Sips, you need to eat, your blood sugar might get low!”

Geez Sjin you are acting like it’s..*cough* my last meal or something. Fine, give it here you son of a bitch.

“So, I was working on the new spicy dirt machine today. It has been going pretty swell I think! I got the pipes hooked up and—”



Thanks for..sticking around…all these years. Now that I’m a old fart I can’t really do much so having you around *cough* is really nice. I honestly never thought you would stick around for this long…

“We’ll of course I did, and I am! I’ll never leave your side Sips. Your my boss, my-my ranium…I love you.”

I love ya too buddy. Thank you. For everything.”



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